Bolivian Villagers Punished Thieves with Swarms of Venomous Ants

It's nearing the midnight hour on this special blood moon evening on the East Coast, but whatever time it is where you are—day or night—prepare yourself for horror. Near Cochabamba, Bolivia, two men who stole motorbikes from nearby Amazon villagers, were tied up to two trees and tortured ruthlessly by venomous ants. » 4/14/14 11:58pm Monday 11:58pm

Lukewarm Neil Diamond Fan Drops $4,300 on His Greatest Hits Album

While abroad in South Africa, Katie Bryan thought she could get away with downloading a Neil Diamond album on her phone while also staying under her roaming bandwidth. Not so!, says her cell phone provider and monster Neil Diamond haters, Orange. Bryan was hit with a £2600 charge and she doesn't even like him that much. » 4/14/14 6:36pm Monday 6:36pm

Three Consecutive Poop Cruises Being Investigated by the CDC

Is it time that we finally ban cruises? In one solitary week, three cruise ships have had to send CDC investigators on board in order to discover why over 100 people (each!) have come down with vomiting and diarrhea. The first two cases were discovered on the same boat—one week apart. » 4/12/14 2:30pm 4/12/14 2:30pm

Watch OutKast's Full Coachella Performance From Your Couch

Are we at Coachella? Coa-hell-no. But we aren't above watching the entirety of OutKast's first reunion performance from the comfort of our own homes. The ATLien duo got right down to it with "B.O.B.", and shook Indio with visits from Janelle Monae and Future, the former of whom described the reunion as "witnessing… » 4/12/14 1:00pm 4/12/14 1:00pm