Cool Pope Celebrates Birthday by Buying Homeless People Sleeping Bags 

Wednesday was the Cool Pope's 78th birthday. What do you think he did to celebrate? Get a few strippers? Eat a pile of molly? Cry to himself silently over a bottle of Grappa about a life lived unfulfilled? No. He bought homeless Romans 400 sleeping bags. » 12/18/14 11:25am Today 11:25am

Teen Fooled New York Magazine, Confirms Teen Dominance Worldwide

[UPDATE 12/16/14 9:22 a.m.]: As of late Monday evening, it was confirmed by the New York Observer that Mohammed Islam, alleged genius teen who had supposedly amassed $72 million by trading stocks, was actually a penniless liar who magnificently rolled everyone. "It's a total fiction?" Islam was asked. "Yes."… » 12/15/14 10:45am Monday 10:45am

Why Teachers Pay for Students' Supplies Out of Their Own Pockets

In the second volume in our series on American teachers, we're exploring the reality that many of our public schools are greatly underfunded, short on supplies, and are financially supported by teachers themselves. Take P.S. 132 in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City where the children's toilets are… » 12/11/14 2:00pm 12/11/14 2:00pm

Hey, Tourists, Fuggedabout Brooklyn—Come and Ruin Queens Instead

As the New York Times style section dutifully tackles health goth, and while the land of 1,000 babies sees the closure of its beloved artisan tea shop, something BIG is afoot in a different borough. It's Queens. You ever heard of it? You know the one. It's over there, fresh for the wrecking. » 12/11/14 10:45am 12/11/14 10:45am

A Gift Guide for the Frugal Cook

In the years since I first learned to to cook, I have never owned anything that was over $100 that could make my cooking better. This is part due to not having the money to buy anything nice and part due to stubborn resistance. If I never had a Le Creuset then stews basically tasted as I expected them to, and if I… » 12/09/14 1:15pm 12/09/14 1:15pm

Travelers Will Shove One Million Cinnabons Into Their Heads By Sunday

A proper rite of passage when traveling through America's lavish airport system is pushing a hot, thick Cinnabon in your craw as you "run" pathetically to catch your flight. At times of desperation, like when the Burger King is out of BK Chicken Fries™ and an unripe banana™ simply won't do, Cinnabon is a jetsetter's… » 11/26/14 4:00pm 11/26/14 4:00pm

Teachers Want You to Know: We Don't Get Summers Off

A little over a week ago, we posted a story calling for submissions from teachers, administrators, and aides working in America's public schools. The post itself received over 1,000 comments and my inbox was backed up with hundreds of emails from teachers who wanted to share not just horror stories but successes, too.… » 11/26/14 1:30pm 11/26/14 1:30pm

Perhaps You'd Like a Chocolate Cigarette at Europe's Hippest New Hostel

Europe is home to three things: people who can drink beer and not get fat, house music, and hostels. If you've been planning a trip to Denmark to find the Williamsburg of Copenhagen, but weren't quite sure about the hostel landscape, you're about get super stupid lucky, you silly hipster. » 11/25/14 2:50pm 11/25/14 2:50pm