America's Ugliest Accent: NYC vs. Charleston; Louisville vs. Providence

The long-awaited day of reckoning has finally arrived: Round One of America's Ugliest Accent comes to a triumphant close in. We are one step closer to democratically determining whom among us speaks with the most disgusting accent. » 10/02/14 12:00pm 27 minutes ago

America's Ugliest Accent: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis, Philly

It's that time again: voting in round one of America's Ugliest Accent Tournament is about to begin. We can now give you the results of our prior days' matchups, which may serve to inform where your loyalties lie in today's rounds of voting. Nevertheless, please remember that city pride is important when it comes to… » 10/01/14 1:05pm Yesterday 1:05pm

America's Ugliest Accent: Scranton vs. NOLA; Tallahassee vs. Minneapolis

Welcome to another edition of America's Ugliest Accent, where we as a country gather together to determine which of us in this great nation of disgusting vocal squalor has the least listenable accent. Every day this week, Round One of the Tournament, we'll be presenting two face-offs between cities. You, humble… » 9/30/14 12:00pm Tuesday 12:00pm

Supreme Court to Ohio: No Early Voting for You

The Supreme Court delayed the start of early voting in Ohio today in a 5-4 vote. Early voting in the Buckeye State was supposed to begin on Tuesday but was shut down by the high court's decision to postpone it, despite civil lawsuits that argued reducing voting days would make it difficult for low-income families to… » 9/29/14 5:55pm Monday 5:55pm

Thai Government Builds Robot Snob to Expose Non-Authentic Thai Food

Despite being thrown out in a military coup in May, the Thai government is still working on an important initiative (no, not piecing the country back together): they will be unveiling a high-tech robot that tells you if the shitty Thai food you're eating is actually authentic cuisine or not. » 9/29/14 1:34pm Monday 1:34pm

At Least 31 Hikers Presumed Dead Near Peak of Japanese Volcano

Mount Ontake, a volcano that spontaneously erupted in Japan on Saturday, has left dozens of hikers presumed dead near its peak, a spokesperson for the Japanese police said. The mountain continues to spew dangerous smoke, making rescue efforts difficult. » 9/28/14 2:40pm Sunday 2:40pm

CNN Guest Commits Ultimate Fashion Goof, Wears Same Outfit As Host

On Sunday morning's edition of Brian Stelter's Reliable Sources, Stelter's guest Jim Miller, who had come on the show to discuss the ongoing saga of Bill Simmons' suspension, was instead the focus of a hilarious fashion faux pas. Stelter and Miller were dressed like twins. » 9/28/14 1:05pm Sunday 1:05pm