Viral Llamas Feel the Pressure of Fame Just Like You or Me

How do you think you’d react if you went “viral”? Would you capitalize on your fame? Would you resent your friends for uploading that video of you dancing to “Uptown Funk”? Would you accept your spot on Ellen? Two llamas—known worldwide for running wild in the streets of Arizona—have let fame change them. » 4/27/15 10:40am 51 minutes ago

If You're Fuckin' Dead Right Now, It's Not Tom Hardy's Fault

Tom Hardy, an English actor with big muscles and a stern glare, looks tough. Hell, he looks like he could punch your face through a wall. Does that mean he’s definitely gonna do that without thinking about the consequences? Would he ever kill someone? Luckily, he says he wouldn’t. Thank god. » 4/23/15 2:05pm Thursday 2:05pm

Modern Day Hamlet Finds Skull-Shaped Chip, Good Reminder We'll All Die

Death is everywhere. Death is in the stars. Death is in our hearts. Death is in our headlines, our houses, and our food. Thought you could crack open a “packet of cheese and onion crisps” without staring down at your inevitable mortality? That’s what Dorset, England’s Barry Selby thought, too. But he was majorly wrong. » 4/22/15 4:30pm Wednesday 4:30pm

What's Next in De Blasio's New York? Seatbelt Requirements in Taxis

Freewheeling rebels with nothing to lose, de Blasio and his safety cronies are coming for you. If the one thing keeping you in New York is the knowledge that riding shotgun in NYC’s taxis means the cool breeze blowing behind your neck and back, the life-affirming push of your hand against the dashboard during a stop… » 4/21/15 5:55pm Tuesday 5:55pm

So Many People Are Taking the Goddamn NYC Subway

The MTA—our savior, our friend, our enemy, our betrayer—released data from an annual report that showed subway ridership surging 2.6 percent from 2013 to 2014, reaching levels not seen since the end of World War II. The neighborhoods with the highest increase in passengers were Bushwick and Long Island City, Queens. » 4/21/15 1:55pm Tuesday 1:55pm

90,000 New Yorkers Apply to Live In Poor Door High-Rise

When it was announced last July that NYC’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development approved a high-rise building with separate entrances for low-income and wealthy tenants, outrage dutifully followed. But now that applications for the building are open, the city’s housing problem appears to be worse than… » 4/21/15 11:30am 4/21/15 11:30am

Bruno Mars, Please Free Me From This Prison

Time: 10 a.m. Location: the inside of my head. Mood? Grim. Days since American musician and entertainer Bruno Mars began holding me captive? 161. This will be my seventy-third direct plea to Mars, the cruel architect of my imprisonment. My prior seventy-two pleas have gone unanswered. But we begin again, unafraid in… » 4/20/15 12:30pm 4/20/15 12:30pm

Zayn Malik: New Hair, New Piercing, Totally Loving Life After Leaving 1D

Zayny baby! Let’s rap. First you quit British boy band One Direction; then you blithely go on vacation with your fiancée Perrie Edwards; then you let some rumors fly about possibly getting married at Disneyland. And now, a major haircut and a nose piercing? You wanna tell us what’s going on? » 4/17/15 5:30pm 4/17/15 5:30pm