Why Not Tell Us Your Theory About the Brooklyn Bridge's White Flags?

We've been getting a lot of tips lately, which makes sense because we are seemingly pleading for them. Some of them are good, and of course most are bad and you should be ashamed, but lately, what with the Brooklyn Bridge being adorned by two new white flags, you're showing a different side to you, friends of Gawker:… » 7/23/14 3:55pm Wednesday 3:55pm

NYC Dept. of Buildings: Leave Your Shitty Loft Now

The McKibbin Lofts, long a home (squat?) to the many artists, musicians, and vagrants who tumble through the crazy ol' Big Apple, has been issued a partial vacate order, slapped coldly on its front door by the Department of Buildings last Friday. » 7/23/14 11:09am Wednesday 11:09am

Coroner Rules Peaches Geldof's Death a Heroin Overdose

Coroners have ruled that Peaches Geldof, who was found dead at age 25 in April, died from a heroin overdose. The actress, singer, and daughter of Irish icon Bob Geldof had been taking methadone for two and a half years prior to her death, according to the BBC. » 7/23/14 10:26am Wednesday 10:26am

Mississippi River Towns Completely Swamped By Disgusting, Slimy Flies

The annual "mayfly hatch," as it's so charmingly known in towns along the Mississippi River, has yielded a specific kind of repulsion the past few days as the pests that commonly hatch along river towns have burst onto everything from gas pumps to soda machines to busy roads, causing car accidents. » 7/22/14 12:18pm Tuesday 12:18pm

Chokehold Not Mentioned in NYPD Report About Asthmatic Father's Death

Eric Garner, an asthmatic father of six from Staten Island, died last week after NYPD officers put him in a chokehold and forcibly held him to the ground. The police report written by the NYPD immediately following Garner's death makes no mention of police using a chokehold maneuver, which has been banned by the… » 7/22/14 10:45am Tuesday 10:45am

Conor Oberst Drops Lawsuit Against Rape Accuser

One week after a woman who had accused him of rape admitted that she'd made the whole thing up, singer-songwriter Conor Oberst has now dropped the federal libel lawsuit he filed against the woman in February. » 7/22/14 10:05am Tuesday 10:05am

The Best Lines From the Kanye West GQ Cover Story

Kanye West—deity, designer, rapper, producer, Chicagoan, husband, father, cousin, child, genius™, egotist, prophet, kilt fan, mean-mugger, and anti-college education advocate—was interviewed by GQ staff writer Zach Baron for a recently-released cover story in the magazine where collectors of quarters through U.S.… » 7/21/14 11:37am Monday 11:37am

87 Palestinians, 13 Israeli Soldiers Dead in War's "Deadliest Day"

In the ongoing conflict in Gaza, it was reported by both sides that casualties in Sunday's fighting were the highest they'd been since Israel launched its offensive on July 9. The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that 87 Palestinians have died, while the Israeli military said 13 soldiers are dead. » 7/20/14 5:00pm Sunday 5:00pm

Police: Accused Rapist of 6-Year-Old in India Had Child Porn on Laptop

Following a delayed investigation and police inaction over the rape of a 6-year-old girl in Bangalore, authorities in India have arrested a man accused of the crime, discovering in the process that his phone and laptop were full of child pornography. The man was a skating instructor at the child's school. » 7/20/14 2:45pm Sunday 2:45pm

Washington Wildfire Destroys 100 Homes, Thousands Without Electricity

Emergency officials reported on Saturday that a wildfire that continues to rage through Washington state east of the Cascade Mountains has destroyed over 100 homes and has left thousands in the area without electricity. The fire has been burning for six days, officials say, and hundreds have been evacuated. » 7/20/14 1:38pm Sunday 1:38pm

AIDS Researchers Aboard MH17 Memorialized at International Conference

Six prominent AIDS researchers and activists, all flying on the Malaysia Airlines plane that was gunned down over Ukraine, were honored and memorialized at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne on Sunday, the AP reports. The researchers were en route to Australia when the plane was shot down. » 7/20/14 11:22am Sunday 11:22am

Man Changes Flight Twice, Escapes Death On Both Doomed Planes

A Dutch cyclist has confirmed Saturday that he narrowly escaped death not once but twice after changing his flight plans last minute for both doomed Malaysia Airlines flights. Netherlands public broadcaster RTV Oost reported that Maarten de Jonge changed his most recent flight to this weekend. » 7/19/14 3:39pm 7/19/14 3:39pm