Fight One

Date: September 9, 1998
Place: Wesley Arms Pub in Shropshiresville, England

Liam: Oi, get me a pint, mate.
Noel: Fuck off, ya bastard.
Liam: Fuck yer mother, you whiney twat.
Noel: Nobody is rude about me mum.

A brawl begins.

Fight Two

Date: August 15, 2000
Place: Fox and Hounds Pub in Trafford

Noel: Heard you was slagging off me girlfriend, arse.
Liam: I weren't.
[Liam holds his stomach and looks ill.]
Noel: You got the collywobbles, mate?
Liam: I had a bite of bad fish from the chippy.
Noel: Doesn't mean I ain't gonna slug ya.


A brawl begins.

Fight Three

Date: February 8, 2009
Place: A ditch

Noel: I need a kip. I'm knackered.
Liam: Sod off, bruv.

A brawl begins.