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Here's What All the Sex Numbers Mean

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Most people are aware of the sex number 69 and the pre-sex number of 420. There are more sex numbers that you don’t know about. Here they are.


11 = You and another person are in bed next to each other. You are both lying flat on your backs and are not touching at all.

1 X 1 = There are three people in bed. The one in the middle is spread out like a starfish and it is driving everyone else nuts.


2.2 = Two people in the fetal position who are not touching.

100 = Me and two donuts and things are getting sensual.

7 = Your butt is in the air and your head is on the bed. You’re alone.

√69 = In a classic Rihanna track titled “What’s My Name” guest rapper Drake says, “The square root of 69 is 8 something.” He does not mention why he rapped this in a Rihanna song, so we must presume 8 something is Drake’s bedtime.


18 = One person is a human, the other is two balloons.

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