Adam Sandler's most recent project is a movie called The Cobbler. In it, Sandler plays a washed-up cobbler named Max Simkin who finds a magical shoe-fixer machine that allows him to walk in other people's shoes. Here are several more movie ideas for Adam Sandler.

The Chocolate Guy

James McNamara owns a chocolate shop but he's allergic to chocolate. By accident he eats a square of chocolate and saves the neighborhood from gentrification. He dies but that's okay because the neighborhood is all good now.

The Dildo Maker

A man working in a ramshackle dildo factory in the Lower East Side (played by Adam Sandler) finds a magical dildo. When he accidentally sets it to vibrate, the man discovers that he can travel back in time. He travels 30,000 years back in time, invents the dildo, and becomes a millionaire in the future. He feels guilt when he meets the woman of his dreams and cannot explain how he amassed his fortune. He decides he is happier making dildos in the basement of the ramshackle dildo factory and gives all his money to a melanoma charity. The woman of his dreams is played by Sofia Vergara. They get married at Shea Stadium (CGI).

Hot Dog

Adam Sandler plays an animated hot dog named Curly. He falls in love with a park bench.


Big Mommy

It's just Big Daddy, but with a lady.

I'm a Construction Worker

Joe DiJolio is a construction worker in Queens and no one fucking likes him because he's a no-good loser. He finds a magical jackhammer and jackhammers all the way to China. In China, he meets a lot of people but man, do they not get his New Yawk demeanor. DiJolio befriends a local woman who looks like Sofia Vergara and she shows him how to appreciate Chinese culture. The pair jackhammer back to Queens and they marry at Shea Stadium (CGI). She does not stuff her bra, if you know what I mean.


Happy Gilmore But With a Lady

She's not as good at golf though.


A French family emigrates from France to work for a bigshot business guy. I didn't see Spanglish so that's about all I got.


The Brave Little Toaster

Everyone loves this movie and would love it more if Adam Sandler was somehow in it!!!!!